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Teachers’ Qualifications at SGV Foreign Language School

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Teachers are Vietnamese, graduated from Universities with 100% bachelor’s and master’s degrees, convey clearly, have over 4 years working experience in SGV.

SGV Foreign Language School warrants teacher’s Qualifications. They are dedicated in their career, highly concentrate on their teaching, as well as enrich foreign language knowledge for learners.  

Teachers of English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese languages were graduated from Universities such as Pedagogy University, HCM City National University, Social Science and Humanities University. 

Our SGV frequently calls and takes care all learners  in order to evaluate teachers’ qualifications.

At our SGV Foreign Languages School, learners have a chance to practice correct pronunciation, natural intonation, good communication, flexible reflection, native speakers’ linguistic thought.  

Our teachers regularly share soft skills, use illustrations, real examples from their experiences to help learners observe knowledge effectively.  

Learners will have monthly tests to have a look again their qualifications and capacity. Therefore, teachers can quickly find difficulties learners are facing  to out to control the most appropriate way to communicate to them.Teachers’ quality at SGV Foreign Language School  

SGV provides qualified teachers for four key languages, English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese.  

1Qualifications of English Language teachers at SGV Foreign Languages School:

TESOL Certificate, IELTS 7.0, TOEIC 750 are a must – this is a certificate for teaching non – native English speakers.  

CELTA, certificate in English language Teaching to adults: bring essential skills, knowledge, teaching experience in real to learners.  

DELTA, certificate in English language Teaching to oversea learners: teachers gain a wealth of teaching experience in any fields.  

TEFL, certificate for English Language Teaching Method: teaching English language in English – Speaking Countries and non- native English Speaking Countries.  

High qualified teachers are responsible for teaching and preparing for the English language Certificate:  

Starters, Movers,Flyers, Ket, Pet exams to kids, Primary, Middle School, High School students.  

General Communicating English with 4 types of skills, help learners’s communication reflection become much better.  

Speeding up  Communication English is suitable for travellers, people going to visit their relatives at other countries.  

IELTS exams: Starter A1 ( 1.0 – 2.5), Elementary (3.0 – 3.5), Intermediate (4.0 – 5.0), Upper Intermediate (5.5 – 6.5), Expert (7.0 – 8.0), Mastery ( 8.0 – 9.0).  

TOEIC exams: 100 – 300 scores, 300 – 450 scores, 450 – 650 scores, 650 – 800 scores, 800 – 900 scores.  

TOEFL exams: TOEFL primary (0 – 115 scores), TOEFL Junior (0 – 900 scores), TOEFL iBT (0 – 120 scores), TOEFL CBT (0 – 300 scores), TOEFL PBT (0 – 677 scores).  

2. Qualifications of Chinese Language Teachers at SGV Foreign Languages School:  

Chinese Language Teachers with HSK Certificate in 5, 6 level graduated in Chinese Language from well known Universities where are special for training languages with Mandarin Chinese voice and pronunciation.

Teachers for Speeding up General Communication sessions. SGV teachers have been educating many learners from beginning to expert in communicating Chinese Language fluently for their jobs.  

Our group is in charge of preparing HSK exams level 1 to level 6, and pass HSK exams with high scores.  

Moreover, our group is responsible for teaching Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese languages.

Our teachers are responsible for teaching advanced fields such as translating  -  interpreting, business for students and workers as well.  

3. Qualifications of Korean Language Teachers at SGV Foreign Language School:  

Korean Language Teachers have TOPIK 5,6 , over 2 years teaching experience , oversea study, and working at Korea.  

Our teachers group is looking forward to imparting our knowledge and practical experience to learners, fully equipping knowledge, Korean Language using skills in different fields.  

Korean Language Teachers are teaching Korean Language for kids, creating lively environments for them to learn Korean culture, country, and people. 

We prepare TOPIK exams level 1 to level 6.  

We prepare EPS exams for labor export workers to Korea.  

We prepare TOPIK I, II for brides.  

With over 4 years teaching experience, our teachers are loved, trusted, and respected by learners.  

4. Qualifications of Japanese Language Teachers at SGV Foreign Language School:  

Teachers with N3 certificate or higher, Bachelors of Japanese Language Pedagogy.  

Our teachers are lecturers from Universities, prestigious Japanese Language Centres. Therefore, they are able to accurately read learners’ psychology, and pass on knowledge to learners in a best way.  

Our teachers have been preparing N5, N4, N3, N2 certificate for students, workers at Japanese Companies. Our teachers have been preparing JLPT for labor export workers to Japan.

Besides theory, our teachers share tips for exam preparation as well as the ways how to do the test effectively, help learners successfully pass the JLPT exams.

In addition, SGV also provide another teachers team for rare languages such as Spanish, Russian, German, French, Laos, Thai, Khmer Languages.  

Our learners are not only had got dedicated instructions from Vietnamese teachers, but got assistances from native teachers.  

Most of our native teachers have lived and worked in Vietnam for many years. They clearly understand Vietnamese customs and habits. So, they can pass on knowledge to learners easily to understand.  

Besides offline classes, SGV teachers group is in charge of E learning, online classes that keep track of distant learners.  

The Head Office: 374 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCM City.  

Contact us by phone +84 707074807 (Ms.Mai) or Email: saigonvina.henry@gmail.com for more information. Teacher’s Qualifications at SGV Foreign Language School.                                                                                                                       

Nguồn: http://saigonvina.edu.vn

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