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SGV Foreign Language School succeed in Digital Transformation

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SGV successfully applied technology, online courses via Zoom, Google Meet, efficiency reached 90%, expanded nationwide.

SGV Foreign Language School systems in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, it was the pioneering unit that succeeds in Digital Transformation, focuses on investing technology and human resources, bring the best experience for customers.

At the beginning of 2020, the leaders of the school prioritize perfecting the process of training in online working skills for employees, building online courses for students. Besides that apply effective technology into the lecture and providing foreign courses languages ​​nationwide, control digital platforms completely.

When the Covid-19 epidemic outbreak, SGV foreign language school with 11-year-old applying traditional form in working and studying has timely transformed into digital. Helping staff and teachers maintain the work process, students can study programs during the pandemic.

Digital transformation is a big turning point to help the school decrease operating costs, to reach many domestic and foreign customers, to optimize work productivity as well as change the staff's mindset gradually, to improve self-discipline sense and responsibility for the job.

Handling and managing databases of schools became easier when software and technology solutions being applied. All hard documents were digitized into soft documents, which is convenient for filtering, searching, or sharing information of students, teachers, staff, and help to save storage space.SGV Foreign Language School succeed in Digital Transformation

In the process of digital transformation, the motto of SGV school is different by service, improving customers experience is the most priority at SGV school.

For students, the school applies an online trial program to survey the quality and satisfaction of learners. As a result, 80% of online course participants gave good feedback, decided to enroll which helps the change from traditional to online learning become easy.

The digital transformation model brings high efficiency, with no restrictions on distance, time, and location for students and teachers.

Besides, the school posts online lecture on SGV Channel to help learners easily find missed lessons or review knowledge.

The number of domestic and foreign Vietnamese students participate in online learning is gradually increasing due to it’s flexibility, low tuition fees, unlimited participants, and no additional fees.

With digital technology, a completely new variety of learning was formed. Teachers communicate with students via Zoom, Google Meet, Skype.

Teachers can promote their strengths of thinking and creativity by using PowerPoint software in teaching, unlimited lesson content in the curriculum. Creating online games to consolidate knowledge through Kahoot, Poll Everywhere applications, Easy Test Maker for learners.

SGV school offers 100% online learning programs such as intensive classes, 1-on-1 courses, online groups, levels from basic to advanced, learning general communication, speeding up, certification exam preparation, translating and interpreting courses, commercial.

The school provides online tutoring courses effective up to 90% for domestic and foreign businesses that need foreign language training for employees.

Digital transformation is the central strategy of SGV foreign language school during the complicated development of the Covid - 19 epidemic, this direction helps the school achieve success and master the digital platform.

Head office: 374 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Contact us: +84 707074807 (Ms. Mai) or Email: saigonvina.henry@gmail.com for more information. SGV Foreign Language School succeed in Digital Transformation.

Nguồn: https://saigonvina.edu.vn

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