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Teaching job in Ho Chi Minh City

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TEACHING JOB IN HO CHI MINH CITY, Need to recruit foreign teacher teaching English, Teaching for adult, children at SaiGon Vina Center.

SaiGon Vina English Center needs to recruit foreigner Teacher teaching English. The teacher has nationanity in America, England, Australia and other countries:

1. General requirements

+ Having pedagogical knowledge and fluent English.

+ Teaching experience is more 2 years.

+ Good health and conscientious for work.

2. Skill requirements

+ Ability to communicate and solving the situation well.

+ Ability to work in a team or working independently.

3. Request for files

+ Resume

+ Related Qualifications

Note: Salary for one hour is 22 usd.

Contact: 0902 949 388 (Ms. Ha) - Email: tpns.saigonvina@gmail.com

Apply directly at Saigon Vina Foreign Language System facilities.

Nguồn: http://saigonvina.edu.vn