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English teacher job in Ho Chi Minh

(Ngày đăng: 13-02-2020 14:33:51)
SaiGon Vina language Center need some foreigners teaching English, high salary, part - time job or full time, contacting 0938 773 089 or email: huyentrang.cs1.sgvn@gmail.com

Saigon Vina Language Center is subordinate SGVINA Group. We are a professional education institution and assessed an active and professional working environment. At now, our center is recruiting Native English Teachers with high salary and great benefit.

1. Job Description

- Directly teaching the students at our center or students' location.

- Guiding for students effective learning methods.

- Inspecting, monitoring and assessing the students' learning result.

- Reporting honestly and fully the issues relating to teching process.

- Planing and designing appropriate curriculum for students.

2. Requirements

- Coming from the countries using English.

- Speaking English smoothly.

- Enthusiatic, energetic and passionate.

- Experienced teaching. (Communication, Toefl, Ielts, English for children,...)

3. Benefit

- High salary according to your teaching ability (17 usd - 22 usd for an hour)

- Supporting to solve difficulties during the teaching process.

- Professional and exciting environment.

English teacher job in Ho Chi Minh

Apply directly at Saigon Vina Foreign Language System facilities.

Contact: 0902 949 388

Email: tpns.saigonvina@gmail.com

Nguồn: https://saigonvina.edu.vn