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Application for the post of junior executive (accountants)

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This is the other covering letter for the post of junior executive (accountants). The reference is more detailed than previous letter.

14 Bencoolen Street

Singapore 0718

30th March, 19_.

Saigon Vina Center

374 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street

Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City



Your advertisement for a junior executive in The Straits Times of today emphasizes your need for a thoroughly competent person with sufficient practical experience. Will you take a moment to consider my qualifications?

I am at present 27 years of age and have got sound physique and active habits.

It was in 19_ when I passed from the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Commerce, getting "A" in Accountancy and Auditing which I had offered as my special subject. During my college days only, I picked up typing at a private institude and my present speed is 60 words per minute. While in college one of our professors of English used to give me his manuscripts which I used to type with great accuracy and obtained sufficient practical experience in typing even before my graduation.

Immediately after my leaving college, Coopers & Watsons, a well-known auditing firm in Singapore, employed me on part-time basis for auditing. Along with it I was doing accounting work of a commercial firm which involved a good deal of figure work.

The opinion which has often been expressed about my work fills me with confidence that I can turn out clean, attractive and well-spaced work. A practical test will  convince you of my being a good accountant.

It should also go to my credit as A/C executive that I have dealt with the work of a very delicate nature and kept in completely confidential.

I assure you that I shall do my best  to give you entire satisfaction and hope to win your faith very soon.

         Yours faithfully


           Chan Lee

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